Another financial system for Finland (working title)

The need to discuss more regarding our financial system and money has increasingly come to the forefront. We, as “new economy actors” and aikapankki-people, have become interested in calling together all interested in discussing beyond the problems with our current money system, in particular also the alternatives. This strongly attached to a want to strengthen new economy/solidarity economy building, and through this a furthering of our commons.  Internationally this discussion is connecting to a growing movement realising that to come to a different economy in which values of social and ecological sustainability are determining, means we need new forms of money.

We realise there are different approaches to this debate, which perhaps can be seen as complementary. One approach puts forward demonetization, and wants to critically address the role of any exchange tool in our relations. A second approach wants to redesign the role of money, or to redesign money itself as a commons. This would be happening by money not being issued by private banks, but by the state, and geared towards common goals and objectives set by the community of users, its citizens. A second angle then is concerned with redesigning currency itself as a commons, and poses as a central question, how do we design currencies to foster human relationships? We feel it could be interesting to be organising an event in which all these complementary levels of the discussion would be present, and their role in creating wellbeing. The event itself could include talks given, but also workshop/world cafe formats regarding concrete alternatives.

Would you be interested in coming together to first of all discuss how this event could be organised in a meaningful way?

For a first planning meeting we propose Monday 31.8, klo 18, Kaarlenkatu 15. Thanks for notifying your attendance (, so we have a bit of an idea!

We are aware that this discussion is a very large one. But we hope opening a joint discussion between different actors, groups and initiatives, will strengthen joint learning and alternative building.