Welcome letter – instructions for members

Dear X

Welcome to Helsinki Timebank (KPNE), your local exchange of the global Community Exchange System (CES).


Helsinki Timebank is an exchange platform of services, where services are exchanged against time, not euro’s. Main premise is that all services are of equal worth. Our unit of exchange is the tovi (tovi means a moment in Finnish), and services are exchanged upon the principle that one tovi equals one hour.

Helsinki Timebank is open to all. The exchange of services is based upon trust, and mutual respect between all members. Every member is responsible for its own exchange agreements made. In our discussions we have determined that our workings are based upon values of equality, reciprocity, communal culture, the local, autonomy and ecological sustainability (read more : Helsinki Timebank’s ABC). Also organisations taking part in the timebank must work in par with those values.

Helsinki Timebank is upkept by work renumerated in tovi’s and without any official organisation backing up its workings. Decisions are made in membership meetings and forinstance by way of internet voting. The membership receives regularly membership letters on current affairs. The timebank’s working are coordinated by Helsinki Timebank’s coregroup, to which all members are welcome! Members are able to be renumerated in tovi’s for all development work done.

Helsinki Timebank’s membership fee is 1 tovi/year. The fee is deducted from member accounts yearly (or less frequent if not necessary), at differing times. The membership tovi’s collected are used for :

  1. the upkeep of Helsinki timebank and for other development work, aswell as forinstance to support local timebank groups and the advising of members
  2. the support of timebank members : the objective here is to fascilitate the participation of those members in the timebank who due to health or other circumstances are unable to earn tovi’s.

On every tovi exchanged a tovitax is deducted, currently set at 2% (in CES this is called a ”levy”). The tax is deducted both from service buyer as well as provider on every tovi exchanged, as this is a common practice in CES. In addition, the development of our tovitax relates to the public discussion on timebanking and taxation. The tax on the tovi(s) spent by the buyer of the service will always go to the timebank’s common account (KPNE000 Administration). The tax on the tovi(s) earned by the service provider will go to an organisation of the service providers choice which participates in the timebank.

Helsinki Timebank is part of a global community exchange system (Community Exchange System, CES). We are using a worldwide system, so you can exchange services also with other groups in other countries. More information about Helsinki timebank can be found from its homepages: www.stadinaikapankki.wordpress.comWe also tell of current affairs in facebook.


Below are the details you need to access your account on the KPNE web site.

To get to the web site go to www.community-exchange.org. This will take you to the login page. There is also some general information about the CES on this page.

Enter the following information:

Account No: {Account #}
Password: {Password}

After logging in please immediately change this temporary password to one of your own choice. To do so click on the [My Record] button at the top and your personal details will come up. Simply delete the password that is there and put in your own. It needs to be at least 8 characters long, and try to include some non-alphabet characters too. While you are in there please also enter or amend your contact details. The Administrator requires your full contact details but if you don’t want any of them to appear on the site, check the checkboxes next to the items that want to be hidden.

Please read the User Guide to find out how the site works. It is available in different formats from your personal home page. The [Help] button on every page gives contextual help.

After looking around please enter your ’offerings’ and ’wants’ by clicking on the [Offerings] and [Wants] buttons at the top. If you provided ’offerings’ with your application, these will have been entered by the Administrator, but you may add as many additional offerings as you like. You can also upload a photograph of yourself so that other users can see what you look like.

Feel free to contact any advertiser in the ’Offerings List’ to request any goods and services offered. Please don’t wait for someone to request a service from you before you use the system. You don’t need to have a certain amount of tovis before requesting a service from anyone; going into debit is part of the system and simply represents your commitment to the community.

If you only want to see the offerings and wants available and requested in your own local area, you can use the area filter which is found on the homepage, left hand side.


The person who is providing the service is the one who will take the agreed amount of tovis away from the account of the service user. After the provision of a service, do the following : Click on ’Enter Single Transaction (list)’ at the top of the middle column on your personal home page. Select the buyer’s name from the drop-down list, enter a description for the trade and the amount. Press the [Submit] button to proceed. The ’Confirm Transaction’ page will appear. Check the details carefully. If there is an error click the [Cancel] button and correct the error; if everything looks correct press the [Confirm] button. This will record the transaction, crediting your account and debiting the buyer’s.


The provider of a service has to choose which organisation in the timebank he wants to support with his timetax. This is done followingly :

  1. Choose from your account ”My Record” and from there ”My buddy points”
  2. From that page see the menu function to choose or change your buddy from the list of organisation in the timebank.

This choice of buddy to which your timetax is designated remains the same for every transaction, unless changed. If you dont make a buddy choice, your timetax automatically will go to the timebank’s common account (KPNE000 Administration).

If you are a representative of an organisation participating in the timebank, you can check how much timetax your organisation has received by choosing My record -> Buddy points. You can also see who has accorded you hir or her timetax. The timetax tovi’s only will actually appear on your account after you choose ”Redeem buddy points”.

If you do not have easy access to the internet or email, contact your local area co-ordinator who will provide you with assistance and advice on how to participate. The contact details of co-ordinators are available from the member list and from the ’Stats’ page. Click on the [Members] and [Stats] buttons respectively.

If ever you forget your password it can be retrieved from www.community-exchange.org by clicking on ”Forgotten your password?” at the top. Enter your account number and your password will be emailed to you. If you forget your account number too, you will have to write to the Administrator.

If you require any assistance please contact us. We will be glad to help.

kpne@community-exchange.org, *tel. 050 436 2171 (Ruby)*

Happy Timebanking!